Walking home from work

One of my jobs is a couple of towns away from where I live. I get there by bus, which is about a 10 -15 minute walk from my house.

Lately, I’ve been listening to my iPod while I walk to and from the bus stop.

Last night was a beautiful evening. It had rained earlier in the day but now the sun was out and all of the greenery seemed happy to have been watered. The roses are out now, and I made a point to walk past two favorite rose bushes of mine: one that’s this gorgeous shade of coral, and another that’s a lovely traditional pink.

A lot of people were out on the normally quiet street. I think it was due to it being such a lovely evening, plus it looked like somebody was having sewer problems. A plumbing truck was out front, hooked up to some big expensive-looking piece of equipment, and all the neighbors were crowded around.

There’s a big old house down at the corner, and it has the most lovely plants. They have what I think is a tiny peach grove. Or it could be grapes (for all I know, they could be coconuts). I saw who I think was the main gardener in the family, an elderly lady who gave me the stink eye while she sawed a branch in half.

I’ve got an iPod Shuffle, because I like the randomness of it. Tonight the songs that came up seemed to be very appropriate for the scenes around me; kind of beautiful and weird and a little normal. Here’s what I heard.





Photo by Elizabeth Walsh


Working it

The past few weeks have been pretty busy, thanks to some wonderful wonderful work. I know everyone hates waking up in the morning to get ready for their jobs, but it’s so great to have a reason to hate waking up.

It seems like the best working songs have to do with not liking your job, just like the best love songs are usually about affairs that either haven’t begun yet or have ended badly. I was really psyched to have this project, but I suspect that if I wrote a song about it, it wouldn’t be very good.

So just in time for Labor Day, here are a few songs about not liking your job. Even if you do.



Photo by Matt MacGillivray. Creative Commons License 2.0.

December 9, 2015

It’s been a super crazy couple of weeks. I just got a new job, which I adore, and have been transitioning from my old job, which I also adored. It’s a really happy time, but also a busy one.

So here’s a couple of tracks in honor of working folk.

“Working in a Coal Mine” was a hit for Lee Dorsey in 1966:

Until just now, when I looked up the song, I only really knew the Devo version. I’m surprised by how similar it is to the original.

Not that I’m complaining; they’re both great. And so is this:

Nobody sings like Roy Orbison. Nobody. Bruce Springsteen agrees with me, so it must be true.